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Baiastice second life marketplace beta

This month she finds a store that caters to artists, photographers, and videographers, as well as instructors of training classes and leaders of business meetings. Our team of talented photographers, led by Wildstar Beaumont, Judith LeFevre, and Honour McMillan, bring you some of the most artistic eye candy from across the metaverse. All this with News From the Grid and more! We will be hosting a series of talks and discussions with designers, so keep an eye on the Prim Perfect blog.

The Expo will see a host of new releases by favourite designers and the chance to discover a wide range of new ones. You can see further details on Page Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States, other than skin cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer. SeraphimSL will update the event website with information as plans solidify, so please bookmark and visit it to find out about sponsors, designers, bloggers, timelines, locations, and so much more.

If you want an image included, send it to primperfect gmail. The news story might also appear on our blog, especially if the story concerns, for example, the kind of time-defined event we like to cover - a special store promotion or a charity concert. So what are you waiting for? Send your news to us and see it in print in our next issue! Her homes and furnishings are known for detail, comfort, and amazing realism. I was lucky enough to sit down recently with Froukje pronounced Frow-kye to find out more about her Second Life experience, her creations, her process, and her breathtaking current project.

She has me click on a coffee tray, and I suddenly have a steaming cup of coffee to wake me up. Before Second Life, she was not a visual artist. But I had no experience with Photoshop, 3D, or any of that stuff. I started building by experimenting with regular prims, like everyone, then moved to sculpts, then mesh. Froukje also found love early on in her Second Life, and the story is one of delightful synchronicity.

When she was new, she was single and dating in both worlds. We went to concerts, to dance clubs, and one thing led to another. Every night we logged in, all night. After about ten long evenings, we discovered we lived about three streets apart! So we snuck out of our houses, to meet in between, on the corner, at 3 in the morning. We were sooooo shy, sitting on the back of two bicycles, like the Dutch do, talking. Then we went back home and logged in right away to ask each other what we thought!

We had one real date after that, one kiss that made my knees go all wobbly, and we have been together for over six years now! I did not have to shower, shave my legs, or be uncomfortable in a slightly too-tight skirt. She very much understands how physical and emotional intimacy can grow in SecondLife and how animations can contribute to that.

I like you to be able to play with them. The kitchen has single animations for those times when you need the workspace all to yourself, but also some couples animations as well, for when you have a companion cook. There is a PG version as well as an adult version for when you want to… well… spice things up on the kitchen island! The versatility of the pieces is impressive, and Froukje offers them for sale individually and as a collection, just as she offers her houses for sale furnished or unfurnished.

Did she know when she started that it would be a room by room project? I started working in Second Life full time two years ago and now work from home. Home is in Utrecht, and this is the villa Utrecht. It is the most personal of the houses because, in the creation of this, there was little influence from outside, working alone from the house. There is an ironing animation inside, of course, but to my surprise, there are also dance animations! Wondering how she came up with this, I ask about her creative process.

Who lives in this house? It is a couple, no kids; the money is old, but also almost gone. The family got rich importing from Indonesia, Japan, and such. And there is a maid, a cook, a butler, and they have all gotten personalities. This maid is dreaming of a career as a dancer in Paris. It took me a while to see a dancing maid in them! I ask more about her stories as we head upstairs. Does she have the story completely written before she starts, or does it evolve as she creates?

He drinks too much, they get in a fight, then make up. Her [the lady of the house] best friend from childhood comes over for the last time. She is leaving with the ship, the Holland-America line, to emigrate to America. This will be the last time the women spend together, and this room is where they will say their goodbyes. Very Fun. We head into the master bedroom, where a four-poster Indonesian teak canopy bed graces the room, along with a teak vanity, more antiques, and Asian-inspired pieces.

The bed is a work of art and, like the other furniture, comes in a PG and an adult version. The care Froukje takes with the animations is meticulous. Whether they are adult sex animations or PG dinner party animations, they are smooth and logical, and they flow. There is no need to fiddle with menus or cameras, and this further enhances the realism. With little clicking, with little adjustments of camera angle necessary. And it will be fun.

Very fun. The animations are set up so that diners sitting at the table will never have the same movement at the same time. The animations flow so no adjustments are needed, giving the immersive experience Froukje is known for. My head is spinning from my tour as she leads me into the living room. The living room is not quite complete. Seeing what the others made, chatting, gossiping.

Build for yourself, create for yourself. Customers will follow. I ask Froukje what she attributes the success of Dutchie to. No matter what she creates, there will always be more, not less, and she will always be heading into new places, building on what has gone before. I have one last question to ask Froujke before we part. Did she have any idea when she first started that she would eventually be where she is now? She laughs. I saw all of that coming. Told you she was a visionary! It is dark and eerie, and it makes you think the stories are true.

There have been changes made, of course, but if you stand still and listen intently you can still hear the mournful cries of long ago avatars suffering their exile in The Cornfield. Maybe an unruly child would be told to sit in the corner for a timeout. In Second Life, the story went, you were sent by the Lab to the Cornfield; there you were to contemplate your misdeeds and the resulting consequences.

Just you, the seemingly endless rows of corn stalks, and the stars. This was your home, until the Linden who sent you there decided you had learned your lesson. Why a corn field? This is a reasonable question, and the answer also relates to more recent developments. On a given morning not too long ago, the rest of the world disappeared, and Peaksville was left all alone. Its inhabitants were never sure whether the world was destroyed and only Peaksville left untouched or whether the village had somehow been taken away.

They were, on the other hand, sure of one thing: the cause. A monster had arrived in the village. Just by using his mind, he took away the automobiles, the electricity, the machines - because they displeased him - and he moved an entire community back into the dark ages - just by using his mind. This is Mr. This is Mrs. And this is Aunt Amy, who probably hadmorecontroloverthemonsterinthebeginningthanalmost anyone. But one day she forgot. She began to sing aloud. She sings no more.

They have to think happy thoughts and say happy things because once displeased, the monster can wish them into a cornfield or change them into a grotesque, walking horror. This particular monster can read minds, you see. He knows every thought, he can feel every emotion. I forgot to introduce you to the monster. This is the monster. His name is Anthony Fremont. This is the Twilight Zone.

Nobody accused them of being monsters, but the parallel was hard to ignore. Returnees would spread the tale of the Cornfield, and people whispered, and its legend grew. Over time the stories grew less frequent, and fewer people heard them. Some older avatars, however, still remembered.

Last July a seemingly unrelated announcement was made by the Lab. The benefits of this should be obvious. A more immersive period of time in games, art installations, adventures, or hunts is now possible. Sim owners and developers have started to apply this new tool in various locations. One example is that longtime resident and lover of cool stuff Loki Eliot, who has incorporated Experience Keys into Escapades Island.

I bring this up because it takes place in the Cornfield. Yes, the same legendary Cornfield. The bad news is that there are now monsters hiding in the corn rows. The grotesque, walking horrors mentioned in that long ago Twilight Zone. As you progress things will just automatically happen - a HUD appears on your screen, a basket hangs on your back, and a board appears in your hand.

That latter object is your only weapon until you manage to acquire something more powerful. The weapon will prove extremely useful if, unlike your intrepid reporter, you know how to kill things. Did I say things? Think zombies and other truly monstrous beings hiding in the dark in the gloomy environment of this farmland.

You have to find them first, and you have to avoid getting killed. If you get killed you lose what was on your back. A number of notecards are offered which have very valuable tips. Some of them relate to helping with your experience no pun intended by keeping the region default windlight, turning off double click to teleport, and using mouselook.

We want you to share YOUR favourite things with us - and we will feature them in each issue of the magazine. From Qwis Greenwood If I ever decide to settle down on a little tropical island, I would purchase this palm tree from DaD Design before I even start looking for a house. Sheerpetal Roussel created a curved palm with hammock with animations for singles and couples. You need to budget 19LI for the item, but I imagine myself spending hours lying in the hammock or sitting on the curved trunk beneath it and splashing my feet in the water as steel drum music plays on the audio stream.

There are beautiful trees and plants here, fog and flower pollen drifting through the air all of which can be purchased but my favourites have to be the animals. Whether you choose a branch of singing birds, a family of friendly rabbits, and above all the weasels that will play happily in your woods or gardens, maybe just peeping up at you, maybe ignoring you as they play a game of chase.

Oh,andHappyMoodshavearangeofothergreatproducts too - including those giant rabbits that you can snuggle up to, and the cutest beagle avatar on the grid! I played half a dozen times and got a rare necklace, two rings, two styles of hoop earrings, and anklets. As a crew member of the Scoundrel Fleet, a band of fashion-conscious pirates roaming the Blake Sea, I love these.

Good pirate jewelry is well worth a Gacha-Pillage. The front would be accented with rich dark wooden french doors welcoming everyone to my humble abode for an afternoon of tea and chatter to be held in my garden. Ushered through my home and out into a dew filled morning flower garden with coffee in hand, my guests would walk with me along a cobblestone path to my very own Orangery. This lovely Orangery has an enchanting large ivy vine growing all around it, while inside there is one ageing fresco that I cherish, painted on a stone wall, with beautifully worn ornate mosaic flooring, and aged wooden doors.

Tea time will be lovely with a few old friends, flowering plants all around, and a good book to discuss. The fabric on the Atelier Visconti Vanessa Dormeuse has very nice detail and even more valuable is that there are several selections for the color of the cushions as well as the accent pattern. Very nice to addition to my home. Luna Fatale Creations by Wendi Nitely offers items that make Second Life more awesome if your virtual life includes creative pursuits.

This shop is for people who display art or photographs, who paint or draw, who run live events, who hold business meetings, or who create video productions. By that list, you can tell Luna Fatale Creations is not your usual home furnishing store! This Discovery is particularly for those who spend time working and being creative within the virtual world.

Wendi Nitely of Luna Fatale Creations designs products for artists, photographers, and videographers as well as instructors of training classes and leaders of business meetings. The props in the store will enhance your work, but the scripts behind them are the secret waiting to be discovered! The East River community is a federation of groups on the mainland continent of Sansara, an example of residents working together to create an attractive environment good for both businesses and residential living.

Shops and rental homes are tiered to take advantage of the water view, and the area has a relaxed feel that comes from living near water. People arriving by air can land at the East River Intercontinental Airport. You can travel between towns by water via water taxi or rezzing your own boat at the designated spots at the docks.

Speedy travel between towns can also be had on the two lines of their rail system. Bicycle rezzers can often be found around town for personal transportation needs. Luna Fatale Creations is located in the free town of Helvellyn. If travelling by water taxi, follow the walkway northeast along the river.

The first product line that Wendi Nitely created is displayed on the back walls of the shop - the slide show canvas and picture frames. These come pre-loaded with classic art, or you can load your own textures into the frame for an everchanging display. The frame can be set to an ornate gilt design for your castle or switched to a contemporary wood design when you move to a ski house.

The PRO series umbrella lights and PAR 64 Stage and Theater lights are on display in the main shop, but touch the sign near them to teleport to the demo area to see how they work. They look like highly detailed props, but they do much more. They can be set to follow the closest avatar, only those on a whitelist, or everyone except those on a blacklist. For people who do photography, this means the lights will not track you or your staff if you are on the blacklist.

For a fashion runway or stage performance, the lights will track the models or actors on the whitelist while ignoring the audience. I believe that is one thing that makes Luna Fatale unique. Click on the chalkboard near the drawing tables in the main store to go to the demo area to see the various styles of tables available. If you add the props to the table and touch one, it asks permission to attach itself to you.

Your hand moves across the page, and the painting or fashion design or technical blueprints slowly reveal themselves. For those who hold training classes within Second Life, the Luna Fatale slide projectors, overhead projectors, and chalkboards provide a sense of realism, while their scripting allows you to display your training materials effortlessly.

The collection of projectors ranges from a s overhead projector to a modern digital projector to a smartphone with projector. The projectors can be loaded with your own images and set for manual advancing or auto-play. The chalkboards and whiteboards are loaded with your own notecards or textures. Your avatar draws the information on the board and then stands aside to explain it.

When it is time to move to the next topic, your avatar erases the board and begins to draw or write the new information. Many of the products in the store are improved thanks to customer feedback. Wendi creates realistic products, and people do not write on projection screens with marking pens. She solved the issue by using a whiteboard.

The instructor can use a projector to display the images on the board and then write on the board using either notecards or ad-lib text. It can also be configured to send chat to local so participants can use translators to understand the presentation. She wishes to produce products as fast as her imagination comes up with new ideas. Her most recent release was inspired by watching video interviews.

It is a talk show interview soundstage with realistic interactions between the interviewerandguests,givingthescenethefeelofalatenight talk show. Realistic interactions through clever scripting make Luna Fatale Creations a Discovery worth investigating.

For those who are not artistic by nature, it is still worth a visit for the beautiful riverside setting. Wendi has an easel set out on the veranda, and hours can pass by as you relax, paint, and enjoy the view. If you know of a home or garden store that deserves to be discovered, please let Prim Perfect know. Contact Qwis Greenwood by notecard or at qwis. Someone from the magazine will visit the store, and it might appear in a future issue.

I state this while being rather fond of the two Alchemy French bulldog gacha items that I purchased at a recent Chapter Four. I have two because… I wanted one that would look adorable standing near my feet, and I got a cuddly one that I could hold in my arms instead. So of course I had to try again. To my credit, I stopped at only two instead of trying again for the coat color I really wanted innocent, shifty-eyed gaze inserted here.

The opinions I present here are my own and not that of Prim Perfect magazine itself. They are also not exhaustive, as I may have only scratched the surface with my foray into the realm of gacha lovers. There will always be individuals who like to collect things. It gives them real joy and a sense of happy accomplishment to secure all of the items of a set or that rare item in a favourite color.

Gacha creators often come up with zany, unique, or classic items that are just plain fun to collect. Creators who continue to be successful do so because they manage to shift their businesses to fit with the changing times. Gachas are a way for creators to earn what can amount to a sizeable amount of money if they are able to get into the right event with gacha items that people want. If selling gachas can help to keep these talented individuals populating their stores with more inventory, why not!

What about those who have been clever enough to turn their addictions into part-time businesses? In my opinion it is a great way to turn a possible negative into a positive where everyone wins, from the event promoter to the original gacha creator to the gacha reseller to the gacha lover who is able to acquire a desired item faster and sometimes more easily. One who spends way too much money on a gacha machine trying to get what he or she really wants can turn around and sell all of the duplicates or undesired items to others who do want those particular items.

Gacha resellers can earn money at trading parks where they rent tables and quaint booths or shops to be able to display what they have to trade. One of the more notable markets is Gacha Alley, which also houses a fantastic threestory gacha museum called Gacha Rebels. Inside the museum you can see whole collections of some of the best collectible gacha items on the grid by some very talented creators. The display cases are classy, and there are large gold-framed pictures of the creators next to them.

The two-sim market is run by Abella Bayn and Rick Darkfire, and you can pick up a very handy Gacha Stone HUD at this location, which makes it easy for gacha lovers to teleport to all of the different gacha trading opportunities on the grid that have registered with the stone. Some clever gacha lovers have set up their own gacha thrift stores on the Marketplace.

Though this method may not make it as easy for gacha lovers to find your items, it is a great way to do it. Positive 6: GachaSL Listings Website Roscko and Bonadea Cobalt have started a website called GachaSL where resellers can rent space on the Web, at very little expense, to display their gacha trade items in a convenient and searchable list. This website allows the reseller to list the name of the item along with a description and price, where it can be found inworld, and a thumbnail.

Though it is difficult to please everyone where something like this is concerned, I can see no downside to having a resource like GachaSL because gacha resellers can have the best of both worlds, renting tables at popular trading parks inworld and then listing the SLurl to the trading park on their GachaSL listings. Positive 7: Big Gacha Events Gacha fever has been going on for some years now, back to when fairs and festivals starting cropping up regularly.

There are literally pros and cons to everything. But big gacha events give us reasons to get out of our homes and do things that are exciting and fun. We gather or fight for the right to stand on sacred round-opening day ground. Activities on the Gachatopia sim include The Gacha Show, featuring live interviews with popular gacha creators; new rounds of The Arcade, Chapter Four, and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival all come with considerable anticipation.

What would be a better alternative for our shopping entertainment? For now, I am personally glad that gacha fever is still raging on. For any shortcomings gachas may have, they have a special charm that is difficult to beat. That entire city, of course, is founded on and lives and dies by the success of its pervasive gambling industry.

Gambling is loosely defined as games of chance, where you wager your hard earned money in the hope that the stars align in such a way that you win a ridiculous amount of cash and never have to work another day in your life. The obvious catchisthatthesegameshavebeencarefullydesignedsothat the cards, dice, roulette wheels, or what have you will almost never fall or roll your way.

The house wins, and you lose. The money that could have paid your electricity bill instead goes towards building big cities in the desert and half-size Eiffel towers. And yet a lot of people enjoy gambling. I do get that, my curmudgeonry notwithstanding: there is an undeniable thrill in the remote chance that the grand prize will land in your lap.

Unfortunately, some people enjoy gambling a little too much and may find themselves without the funds necessary to pay their electricity bill or Second Life tier at the end of the month. This is one of the reasons why there are many restrictions on this activity around the world, including in Second Life, where gambling is strictly verboten.

Enterprising minds will of course always look for ways around such bans; the latest fad that attempts to dance neatly around the wagering policy is gacha - the Second Life version of the Japanese toy vending machines. As I fear many of you will know all too well, gacha machines let you buy an item randomly selected from a range of products. And yet a lot of people enjoy gachas.

I do get that: there is an undeniable thrill in the remote chance that you will walk away with a fine selection of rare items in your inventory. Gachas are simply an innocent form of entertainment and thus a valuable addition to our second lives, right? Gachas are evil. Nothing good will come from this silliness, and quite possibly some real harm.

Consumers develop an idea of how much they are willing to pay for an item, and merchants figure out how cheaply they are prepared to sell the same item. Everyone has a perception of the value of the item. If someone decides to sell the item significantly below its perceived value, this delicate balance is upset. When consumers learn that they can buy the same item for a much lower price, their perception of its value changes.

Other merchants now must decide whether to stick with what they consider a fair price or join the race to the bottom in the hope that increased sales volume will make up for the lost revenue. In the long run, that very rarely happens. Instead, creators will either stop making the item altogether or cut corners to produce it with less effort. For the consumers the result is a smaller selection and lower quality goods. As scholars and puppies can both attest, the outcome rarely is a good one.

This, in a nutshell, is my main objection to gachas. By offering items for sale at ridiculously low prices, they utterly destroy the value perception of those items. Over time, that destroys the market for those items, as creators are not prepared to spend the time and effort anymore. I believe that gachas are worse than hunts - if nothing else because of the reinforcement of repeated actions.

In a hunt, you buy an item at a silly low price and move on. When playing the gacha machine, you buy that item over and over and over, always at the same ridiculous price, each time being reminded what the value of that item is. But, you protest, everybody loves a bargain. How can this possibly be so bad? The answer is that there is nothing wrong with bargains, but they are by definition exceptions - buying somethingat the regular price obviouslyis not a bargain. Gachas are not bargains, either; they represent the new, low price point for something that most likely used to be worth quite a bit more.

Your finely crafted chair has merely become a tool to circumvent the gambling ban. The house loses, and so do you. The advent of new technologies makes it ever harder and more time consuming to create quality products, but prices certainly have not reflected that.

I strongly believe that we who create products in Second Life should stop cutting prices in an effort to get sales or market share - that way madness lies. The real life gachapon mostly offer plastic toys and worthless trinkets - stuff of so little value that they have no measurable impact on the economy. If we could agree on using gachas in Second Life only for odds and ends that actually are worth only a Linden dollar or two, I believe we would all be happier in the long run.

Even if we had to make do without the rares. Or so Madonna would have you think. But in Second Life it is never quite as easy as you might think. Join Beq Janus as she examines what poses, animations, AOs, and dance balls are, how they work, and where to buy them. InthisarticleIhopetoexploretheworldofanimations,uncover some of the technical aspects, and hopefully explain why some things are as they are.

Firstly, though, I feel the wrathful red pen of the editor looking back over these opening lines and underlining all the mentions of AO that have as yet gone unexplained. The AO or animation override, to give it its full name is traditionally a head-up display HUD that Second Life residents would wear to enhance the appearance of their avatar through the use of additional animated sequences.

An AO typically provides a range of standing animations, walking animations, and sitting animations. They are triggered by your movements and allow you to have that sexy walk or that aggressive, impatient looking stand. But AOs exist for all kinds of animation needs: specialist AOs for merfolk, animals, and robots can be found. Closely related to the AO are animation HUDs such as swimmer and sword fight HUDs, and using other extensions, you can give control to others to enforce a subservient lifestyle.

The next most common place to encounter custom poses and animations is in furniture. From barrels and crates on the factory floor, to chairs, sofas, and bar stools, people expect items that can be sat upon to have at least one custom animation suited to the item. Then there are beds, baths, and showers which - while we will probably not cover them in this article - lift the lid on the extensive market for adult animations.

With all these animations and poses out there to be bought, how do they work and how can we use them? An animation is really nothing more than a series of poses played one after another. Some cleverly designed animations will loop and give an appearance of running for longer than they do, others fail to loop cleanly and give a nervous tick every cycle.

They are really nothing more than the flick book style animations that you may have made as a child. To create a SecondLife animation somebody has to create the individual frames and place them in sequence. The stick man analogy is not so far from the truth when creating the poses either. Your avatar has a skeleton. As a brief aside, it is these same bones that lead to some of the complaints. You may have noticed that your facial expressions and hand positions are extremely limited in Second Life, but with only twenty-one bones, you can tell that there is no way that you can animate finger or facial features independently.

Pose and animation tools can be used to create individual frames and sequence them. This is a time consuming and oftenfrustratingtask-andeveryoneshouldtryitsometime,to gain a new respect for the animators we rely upon. Animation tricks are borrowed from the world of cartoon and film. Strawberry and Gogo were both blogging back then and I had never heard of them.

I WISH a blogger had contacted me and told me about blogger copies and blogger groups and requested those items. As a designer, I just had no idea how the fashion blogger world worked. I just wanted to stay in my space and make things, lol. The picture on the left is of a customer and now jewelry designer, Dita Tran, in one of my Sexy in Pink designs called Hologram Squares.

I had a TV in my store filled with customer pictures wearing my designs. I always loved to see that! Now back to the inspiration for this perspective post, Leesee the Time and Lace blogger. Her first point and the reason behind writing the post was about a designer that took the time to tell her what they wanted when their items are blogged.

I do think the request was most likely a bit much, to be honest. It is impossible to highlight every item you are wearing in your look with close up pictures of each one and when you use something- you should absolutely list it in your credits imo. I do think that if you got a blogger copy even from a blogger group that you should highlight that designer in up close and detail at least once a month.

This is why I don't belong to any huge blogger groups and why I rarely apply to events. I can't do en masse designers justice. Did you tag the designer as a person in the photo in flickr? If so, then I totally understand where the designer is coming from if that is what they meant.

That would be very frustrating for a designer to go look at a picture that you are supposedly in and try to find your design and have trouble even seeing your nail polish. If you add a designer as a person included in your picture in flickr, make sure the design is EASILY visible and a main focus.

If it is not, do NOT add that designer. You should not add every designer to every picture. You can add them to your list of words or in your description, but not as a person actually in the picture. If the designer meant your list of credits at the end of your blog, then yes I agree that was an unfair request. We are looked at poorly as bloggers if we do not credit all items in our pictures so readers can buy them if they want. Even if its small, if you can see the polish, you should list that and designers should not get upset that you did so.

It is free advertising for them and if they have any reaction it should be thankful. However, what I mostly thought about that first point was how much I wished for more feedback from designers and for that designer to take the time to contact this blogger was special, imo, even if it was negative feedback. YES, totally. I would love more feedback, even if its constructive criticism. The few times I have received that, it made me a better blogger.

At first it is hard to hear because just like designers our pictures and blog posts become a part of our soul and we are protective of them. In my early years, a shoe designer commented on ankle brake. I am so thankful for that constructive criticism. I would love to know more of what designers like and do not like about my blog posts. If they do- I want to know. Feeling like I am doing the best I can to make things look amazing, and not really knowing how designers feel and getting very little feedback is my personal biggest frustration as a blogger.

Inventory is hard for everyone in SL. Designers have all those billions of textures they upload that they have to keep up with. It really gets out of hand! I had mine in a texture organizer and that saved my life because it was so much content. Designers also have 3D objects that they have to sort and organize and keep up with as they create them. It is a lot of inventory organization and work.

Bloggers have boxes to open. They are often a box, inside of a box, inside of a box. They sometimes have no notecard inside them and I have no idea where the item is located and have to search around on my own for the event and slurl.

Organizing your blogger copy items is very time consuming and yes frustrating. I keep mine in separate folders and as I open them, I immediately put them in those folders. When I blog the item, I move it to the Blogged folder inside the main blogger copy folder. You really need to be a very organized person and at least at some level enjoy organizing.

I happen to be organized and organizing is one of my favorite things to do. The main idea of this paragraph though is that inventory is a wash, because both designers and bloggers are frustrated with organizing and keeping on top of inventory.

Blogger expectations. I do not officially blog for very many stores though, compared to some bloggers. It seems like a lot to me and I have no idea how someone blogs for more than about 20 stores. I blog because it is fun and that would make blogging lose all joy to me.

Flickr Views: At first I was really not a happy camper at this change in blogger requirements. I was not really involved in flickr. Flickr was just an afterthought because I was told I needed to have one as a blogger, but my blog was my passion. I put my time and energy in developing views on my blog not my flickr. However, I kind of think of the flickr views as constructive criticism I am now very thankful to have received. I did not have my blog pictures linked to flickr.

When I did that, my blog views incresed as well as my flickr views. I was not involved in the social media aspect of flickr. It was just a picture storage place for me. Now I am very involved in flickr and I actually love it now. I love the feedback via comments that I get on flickr that I do not always get on my blog.

Forcing myself to become more active in flickr just to see if I could achieve the blogger requirements being asked which I did and then some , has made me a better blogger and increased views of both my flickr and my blog. The one point that really did shout the loudest for me personally was remembering that any blog of your items should just be looked at as FREE advertising.

Free advertising of a product that does not actually cost the designer extra expense for copies of their product. In the real world, making copies of a dress would cost fabric and labor for each copy, and a host of other overhead costs per unit. In second life, after a design is made there are unlimited copies available to the designer without any additional cost to them.

In the real world, companies give out promotional items to actual reviewers even though it cost them money because they know it is a smart business decision. So in second life, it should be a no brainer for designers to send out blogger copies to their bloggers when it is a virtual product that does not actually cost them anything to reproduce.

After the initial upload costs have been paid the rest is pure profit. I believe designers should view blogger copies in this light and as long as the blogger is using their items at least once a month in a way the designer likes, that is a really great partnership, in my opinion.

Overall, a little more respect and communication between bloggers and designers would be wonderful. Both are very hard jobs! I tried mine with both my Physique and my Lara and it worked with Kaithleen's has a new comfy tank top with a fitmesh size. I tried mine with both my Physique and my Lara and it worked with both with a few alphas.

I think this is perfect for comfy casual summer looks. You can find this tank at the Mesh Avenue Event. My fun necklace is new by Cae. This is part of Mix which is a new HUD-based shopping event. The event items are organized by sales, exclusives, and new releases. The Illuminati jewelry set is a new release and can be found in the main Cae store for the duration of this month's Mix event.

Hair Fair is in full swing and of course the sims are full. They do have a few side sims that you can cam shop from which I thought was really thoughtful event planning! They also have a wonderful blog and detailed map. I LOVE events with maps. This event is always so well planned every year. My goal was to find a new-to-me hair store that I thought was fabulous.

I tried on this Fiore hair and I love it and I also love the blond textures which is always a big deal for me in finding hair. AlterEgo has two new skins at the event, one in honey and AlterEgo has two new skins at the event, one in honey and one in caramel skin tones. I am wearing janae in honey skin tone in this post. This is a beautiful skin so make sure you check it out when OMG Gacha opens in a few days.

Look at all the great makeups that will be available in this machine! Gacha is a great way to get skins, imo, because it is usually a lot more inexspensive than buying them normally. You just have to try your luck to see which ones you get and if you are a Gacha addict like me- that just makes it more fun!

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Reporting Bugs or Problems This will vary depending on the channel of the region, and on the state of the release. If you find problems in the "Second Life Beta Server" channel before that version has been deployed to the main Second Life service, please use our Bug Tracker to check to see if that problem has already been reported, and to report it if not. When reporting a problem, please give as much information as possible: what region you were in, exactly what you did and what behavior you saw, when it happened, and the version of both your viewer software and of the server software running in the region where you saw the problem.

In general, you will use the same procedure for problems found on regions in other channels, but sometimes those channels are being used for a focused test by other developers. Some of them share the same name and coordinates with regions on the main grid usually from Sansara.

Some regions are special and used for testings and have different names. Access is sometimes denied in part of the sims. Usually, when you login first time to Aditi, you will start at Waterhad hidden lakes telehub looks exactly like Waterhad on the main grid. Preview grid has a lower population density. We will be using Aditi for beta testing of the next server version, but we will also be using it for early previews of software that isn't going to be on Second Life right away, and for some specific public testing of bug-fixes being worked on by some teams of developers.

The regions on Aditi are divided into different channels. There will always be two core channels: Second Life Production Server : this has the same version of the software as is running on the main Second Life hosts. This exists for purposes of comparison. Second Life Beta Server : this channel is designated for the version of the server we're planning on next deploying to Second Life in a rolling restart.

Generally, after a new server version is deployed to Second Life, it will be at least a few days before the next beta version goes out to Aditi. How do I log in to Aditi? The first time you want to log in to the Beta Grid Aditi you may need to contact Support to gain access.

If the viewer doesn't recognize your username and password for Aditi, or if you haven't logged in to Aditi in some time, you may also need to request a manual update from Customer Support. Click Submit to send your request to Support. You can use the same Second Life viewer you already use to log into Second Life.

At the bottom of the screen to the right of the "Log In" button, you will see a dropdown menu that allows you to select the grid that you want to log in to: Select "Second Life Beta Test" aka Preview or Aditi to log into the Test Grid. On some third-party viewers a number of other grids may be listed in this dropdown. There are other SL internal development grids which are not available for public access.

Yes, that can be potentially very valuable. I didn't dare mention it before since I was afraid it would be a bit too complicated to implement and the last thing we need right now is more complications. Linden Lab wrote: Demo listings as a separate category Darrius and polysail have already mentioned this but to elaborate a bit: The purpose of this porject is of course to improve the quality of the search results.

The by far two most effective ways to do that, would be to eliminate demos from general search and to clean up the extensive keyword spam. Those two issues are the reasons for far more than ninety percent of the search result related problems in the current MP. The biggest of those two problems, keyword spam, is clearly outside the scope of this project so we have to leave that for now although I hope LL will give it top priority as soon as this has been implemented.

Demos, however, shouldn't be and it shoudn't be too hard to implement a solution either. Polysail has already suggested one approach except: name the checkbox "Include demos", place it among the other filtering options at the left column of the web page and have it unchecked by default.

But there is a more effective way to do it and it should be even easier to implement: All demos are flagged as such in the database.