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Sesiunile forex news

I wish you well over the next six months. Franz Obermayr NI. Herbert Reul PPE. Das macht Mut, und das ist der einzig richtige Weg! Auch da geht es nicht darum, immer einen neuen Plan zu formulieren. It is a proud moment for Ireland to embark on its seventh Presidency since our accession 40 years ago.

Much has changed in those 40 years for Ireland and for Europe, most of it for the better. However, our Presidency comes at a critical time. There are new and serious challenges facing the EU, its 27 Member States and its million citizens. These challenges must be confronted with a new sense of urgency. A generation of young people must not be abandoned to long-term unemployment. A sense of aimlessness in young lives will inevitably poison young minds.

It is important to recognise that stability on its own is not enough. We must promote growth and create jobs. Peace and prosperity through solidarity and cohesion. Finally, the banking crisis has held the EU in thrall for too long. It is time to complete banking union and to break the link between banking and sovereign debt once and for all.

I am sure that these priorities will be pursued and progressed by the Irish Presidency to bring them to fruition over the next six months. The Presidency should provide you, Taoiseach, and your government with the opportunity to give practical effect to the agreement of June by EU leaders to break the link between sovereign and private bank debt. The issue of the promissory note must also be dealt with as quickly as possible.

This is a matter of great concern and importance to Ireland and confidence in the Irish economy, and I do know that you are focusing on this. During your Presidency, the government will have to conclude the EU budget for the period to Of course, as you know, a strong and robust budget is required for the common agricultural policy and, of course, the reform of the common fisheries policy, which is also important to Ireland.

As one who represents the border counties, I would also like to emphasise the importance of renewing the Peace III Programme. The Peace Programme, which you have rightly referred to, has during the period to contributed EUR million in support of social inclusion projects in the border counties and Northern Ireland. In conclusion, I would urge the Taoiseach to play a leading role to ensure that the Peace Programme is renewed after This will further help to develop peace and reconciliation on the island of Ireland.

Taoiseach, I wish you well. We are in a time of severe crisis and great challenges lie ahead. You have put forward an ambitious agenda and I sincerely hope that you will manage to move us all forward. We Greens are especially pleased to see that you have chosen youth unemployment as one of your main priorities. As you might be aware, Parliament will today vote on a resolution supporting the introduction of European-wide youth guarantee schemes. I remember that Heads of State already in January expressed their deep concern and the necessity to act at European level.

Mr Prime Minister, now you have the chance to act. You can, on behalf of all the Member States, make a difference by gathering support in the governments for a youth guarantee in all Member States. Lajos Bokros ECR. It is now customary to distinguish between a fiscal and a banking crisis although all crises become fiscal after recapitalisation.

A crisis which originated in the financial sector may not reflect fiscal prudence. Governments are never innocent. Fiscal equilibrium based on inflated revenues created by a bubble economy ought not to have been considered sustainable in the first place. Ireland can promote this simple truth. Austerity, although unavoidable, is never enough to restart growth. The other indispensable component is the restoration of international competitiveness, which has been achieved by Ireland.

Others should follow its example. An ugly by-product of the crisis is the upswing of racist, populist and extremist parties. These groups fight austerity and reforms without having a rational alternative. They blame foreigners, Muslims, Jews or Roma for the hardship of natives. This trend has reached dangerous levels and become part of the mainstream. For example, a leading columnist of the Hungarian Government Party compared Roma to animals and declared them unfit for co-existence.

The ruling party Fidesz missed a magnificent opportunity to condemn this ugly, racist outburst. This proves my conviction that Fidesz is in a cultural coalition with the extreme right. Ireland has so far managed to escape the emergence of racism. It has the moral authority and obligation to uphold human rights before fascist parties gain respectability and power. The rotating presidency is obsolete, but it is important which country holds the presidency.

It carries a huge political and moral authority. Rolandas Paksas EFD. Because there is no stability, there are no jobs, there is no real economic growth in Ireland or in Europe and your coordination of deep austerity across Europe will make the situation worse not better.

Working people right across Europe are being crucified in order to protect the bondholders. But the government is reduced to begging for what are, relatively speaking, crumbs from the table of the European Central Bank on the promissory note. At the same time he will hand over EUR 26 billion to the bondholders this year.

Delivering stability, jobs and growth requires breaking with austerity and the dictatorship of the markets and, instead of funnelling these billions to the rich bondholders, investing increasing jobs and improving our society for the majority. Als ik de website van het Iers voorzitterschap bekijk en het speciaal voor dit Iers voorzitterschap - prachtig initiatief overigens - gemaakte Ierse receptenboek probeer te bekijken, dan blijkt het een dode link te zijn. Helaas, geen receptenboek. Ik vraag de heer Kenny dan ook om daar heel snel iets aan te doen, want dit is een slechte start, Voorzitter, een heel slechte start.

Maar serieus, het voorzitterschap van de Europese Unie is natuurlijk altijd een wassen neus. Ik wens Ierland veel succes het komend halfjaar met het hebben van geen procent meer macht. Hij is er even tussenuit geknepen. Dat is jammer, want wij hebben het natuurlijk over een nieuwe Maltese commissaris, omdat de heer Dalli zogenaamd contact had met de tabakslobby.

Wij weten dat niet. Hij is door Barroso met veel theater van het toneel gebonjourd. Nu blijkt echter dat het kabinet van de heer Barroso en andere ambtenaren meerdere contacten hebben gehad met de tabakslobby. Is hier sprake van een enorme dubbele moraal of niet? Ik roep de voorzitter van de Commissie op om per direct alle informatie beschikbaar te stellen aan het volledige Parlement en eens op te houden met die geheime en geniepige spelletjes.

Ik wil graag een reactie van de voorzitter van de Commissie. Mario Mauro PPE. Se gli anni che abbiamo appena trascorso verranno ricordati come il periodo della crisi e del rigore, il potrebbe essere ricordato come l'anno di una svolta, di una vera svolta. Ho notato infatti con soddisfazione che il governo di Dublino annuncia l'intenzione di lavorare, nel suo programma, con gli altri Stati membri e con il Parlamento europeo, sui programmi chiave che possono sostenere forte crescita economica e coesione sociale dell'Europa.

In the 60 seconds I have at my disposal I will deal with one core issue only and that is the slipsliding and the backsliding by the Commission and the European Council to fully and finally break the toxic link between bank and sovereign debt. If we do not get a deal on bank debt within the context of a European solution we cannot exit the bail-out this year and our economy will grind along the bottom.

Mr Barroso has gone but he spoke of solidarity and fairness. I want to ask him to keep those commitments. After having been at many trialogues in the last six months, I am looking forward to the next six months, mainly on financial services, and I hope that we can make rapid progress there. I must also mention one area which has not been discussed very much here today, namely the whole issue of the lack of action at European level on the income side of public finances.

We have seen cuts, but we have very little action regarding the taxation of wealth and of capital income, and a fair system of sharing tax income at European level. We know that at the moment the different initiatives, which are also mentioned in the Presidency programme, are locked in inaction.

All students, regardless their age, highly appreciated your reading skills and the desire to be in the team. You inspired them, for sure, and the teachers really felt your support. They need role models! Dear stakeholders, we are very grateful to you and to the organizations that have collaborated As to Italy, our special thanks go to the Regional library F.

Take a look! Innovative, modern, prestigious. Three decades of creativity and hard work, aimed at the future of Bulgaria and the word, aimed at the children of Dobrich. Tireless labour, enthusiasm, youthful vigour and daring — these are only few of the qualities possessed by the school staff, which 30 years ago was the youngest in our city.

Each one of us committed themselves to leaving a bright legacy in every graduating class, in order to experience the moment when our former students would once again cross our threshold, now as parents and teachers themselves. This is perhaps the most natural way of life — for our students to join us in working together to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Our team — our leadership, teachers and administration, formed a tight bond with our surrounding community throughout the years.

We became a living organism with the knowledge, ability and desire to grow and change, with a constant determination for continuing improvement and development. May our school ever keep the Bulgarian spirit and may we proudly raise up the banner of knowledge, success and benevolence over the entire school community. Good luck, continue onward through time and into the future! Congratulatory addresses in recognition of the anniversary from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Minister of Education, the Chairman of the National Assembly and the Mayor of the Dobrich region.

The concert is a culmination of the celebrations surrounding the 30th anniversary of the school. The talented Talevtsi presented a colourful performance, which included students from all ages. The main theme of the concert was the conservation of Bulgarian traditions and virtues for the future. The 5th graders delivered an emotional recital about the eternal human virtues, education and reverence toward the teachers. PAGE and more beautiful place and to remain Talevtsi forever.

The feast of the Annunciation marks the visit of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, during which he told her that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The activity was held by the priest in the Holy Trinity Church, who read the Bible quotes about this festival to the students. First grade pupils have just studied the Cyrillic alphabet. At the Annunciation, they invited their mothers to greet them and show their knowledge. Students answered a feedback questionnaire where they commented on their contribution, highlighted weak and strong points of their work and gave their opinion on the activity.

A good example from your favorite people is always inspiring. Songs and dances accompanied the feast. Sincere smiles caused the moment when mothers had to be recognized in portraits painted by their children. In addition, they also received various gifts with messages about the healing power of maternal love and affection. The work done by class 3 in comparing the book The Snow Queen by Andersen with its film adaptation. Students read the book together, saw the film at school soon The Snow Queen is a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen and first published in The story centers on the struggle between good and evil as taken on by a little boy and girl, Gerda and Kay.

The books teach us new words. The book teaches us many things, such as how to behave. Many parts of the real book have been dropped in the film, there are many changes. We can watch the movie for two hours but reading will take twenty days. Students from reading club discover Dimitar Valkanov italian authors Gianni Rodari Le avventure di Cipollino, Favole al teleThe films are more colorful and have Stela fono. The writer has been awarded music. I imagined film is completely different.

The film Our students love to read also books them differently. I like the fact that reading the book, we can build our own images of the Dimitar Nenchev characters. I did not like the movie I liked the book very much. I imagithat they invented their heroes thened Kai, Gerda, the Snow Queen and re, and we can not use our imaginatithe other heroes in a totally different on.

This obstructs you from creating your own idea of the characters. Reading is more fun. I love the books. Television is spoiling the eyes. Gabriela I like to imagine the characters in the books and to learn something new. The story is told in more detail. I like that while I read I can imagine all these interesting characters, I enrich my vocabulary, I learn to read better.

The story was different in the movie. Stanislav I like the pictures that are drawn in the book. I liked the songs in the movie. I think the book is much nicer than the movie, because when I read it I imagined how the characters look and in the book the narrative is much more detailed.

In the film the characters are invented by the directors and artists. I personally do not like this because when we watch the movie the characters are ready, and when we read - we use our fantasy. The story in the film is told briefly. Mihaela The book improves our dictionary, our imaginations about the characters, unlocks our fantasy. Elitsa Students from the Reading Club read the amusing stories about Nasreddin Hodja We made dolls and puppet theater decorations.

Soon the characters came to life in our improvised puppet theater. Nasreddin Hodja is considered a populist philosopher and wise man, remembered for his funny stories and anecdotes. He appears in housands of stories, sometimes witty, sometimes wise, but often, too, a fool or the butt of a joke.

A story usually has a subtle humour and a pedagogic nature. In the book, it was more interesting how the Devil breaks the magical mirror that sprays into thousands of pieces. I imagined a really big and ugly beast, but in the movie that moment was gone. From the books we learn also the proper speech. The story was very interesting. Victoria A Reading images! The movie was shorter and has missed mo- A Discover my literature! Workshop with special education needs students about understanding the message behind an image.

PAGE 14 The speech therapist and the teacher for SEN students help pupils with special educational needs learn to associate images with words. He was born in Cuba, but he is Bulgarian. Mr Oheda has visited countries from seven continents and told about his many trips around the world. The Fifth grade students competed to showcase their artistic talents and dexterity as the favorite characters of Astrid Lindgren and Mark Twain.

The stu- A19 I like reading in English! They practiced English and show their attention and friendly attitude towards each other. Our achievements Marathon of reading Bulgarian and Romanian students read Peter Pan story and they wrote different ends to this book. In a Skype session took part participants of the project meetings. The initiative is attended by the Mayor of Dobrich, Mr. At the reading marathon, students from grades 5 and 8 also took a part.

He did not exactly come to the window, but he brushed against it in passing so that she could open it if she liked and call to him. That is what she did. Darling tightened her grip. Darling came to the window, for at present she was keeping a sharp eye on Wendy.

Darling stretched out her arms to him, but he repulsed her. Darling said. They live in nests on the tops of trees; and the mauve ones are boys and the white ones are girls, and the blue ones are just little sillies who are not sure what they are. She accepted the other boys and was no longer lonely. Both with Mr. Darling will take care of all the children and they will be able to grow up happy. Wendy become thoughtful.

Darling was so happy that her But Peter does not want to grow up. He will stay forever in Neverland with other new children. How happy she feels in the tree house! Perhaps Peter will need her? Wendy, with tears in her eyes, asked Mrs. Darling to let her go. So many children needed a mother, so many adventures were waiting for them. Promise and return every spring for the great cleaning.

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Can you win at sports betting The 5th forex news sesiunile delivered an emotional recital about the eternal human virtues, education and reverence toward the teachers. As sesiunile forex news might be aware, Parliament will today vote on a resolution supporting the introduction of European-wide youth guarantee schemes. In the film the characters are invented by the directors and artists. It carries a huge political and moral authority. Take a look! Europe is not a poor continent. The greatest presidencies were those which touched on exactly those issues where their own interests were also involved and used the Presidency to find fair balances and solutions for problems which concern all click here us, despite their own interests also being affected.
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