is australia a better place to live than usa
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Is australia a better place to live than usa

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I found the North-East-South-West and sequential numbering systems helpful for navigating—if you know your bearings. My number one rule for driving in America is to always keep the middle of the road on the same side of the car as the steering wheel. This has helped me. Of course, I did use the wipers many times instead of the blinkers, reached over the wrong shoulder into thin-air looking for the seat belt, zigzagged on unmarked back roads, and tried to get into the passenger side several times—but I survived.

Differing Systems While driving in America became less of a challenge with practice, applying math was a different story. Converting everything from the British system of units to the metric system—especially Fahrenheit to Celsius—required constant brainpower. The idea of changing Fahrenheit to Celsius at first seemed simple. Subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit figure, multiply by 5 and divide by 9—relatively easy, right?

Not exactly! Such encounters rarely occur in Australia. Our laid-back attitude applies to religion, which is a topic not widely discussed. Subtle Word Variations Source: Thinkstock One of the things that I find most amusing between the two countries is the way that each uses language. Meals are also typically larger and unclean foods are offered more frequently in the United States.

In addition, food is often fattier in America. At one restaurant, I thought I chose a healthy option by ordering a salad. The waitress asked if I would like it with chicken. I agreed only to find the chicken was deep-fried and oozing with a calorie-filled sauce! In the United States, I noticed that most citizens are either athletic or obese, which is similar to Australians, many of whom are also overweight. National statistics indicate that Do Not Forget to Tip!

One thing you must never forget when in the United States is to leave a tip! Paying gratuity for service, especially for a meal, is common practice. Generally, most people tip between percent, or higher for outstanding service, at a restaurant or cafe.

This is a difference between my home country and America that I had to learn the hard way. The waitress gave us the kind of mean look that could cut through steel, and we sheepishly tip-toed out of the restaurant, never to return! While Australians are more relaxed, casual, less religious, and more aware of world events, and Americans are more patriotic plenty of flags fly in front yards and many attend traditional churches—the commonalities they share are equally obvious.

This fact was evident when I was on the Ambassador Youth Camp staff. And every time I visit the U. Step 5: Add Dependents while applying for the visa If your dependents are joining you, you have to add their details while applying for the valid visa. IF everything is satisfactory, you will receive your PR visa within 3 to 5 months.

For more information on the Application Process for Australia Immigration , get in touch with consultants at Kansas Overseas! You will be sent a Welcome Letter after this is completed. Step 3: Visa Interview Scheduling The immigrant visa application processing fee should be paid prior to your interview.

Most interview appointments are set within three months on receipt of all required documents.

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Despite the many differences between Australia and the United States, there is an unseen deep bond between the people of these two nations. While Australians are more relaxed, casual, . The US has more variety and spice in food, better tech, better universities, better aerospace, better business climate. Australia has better secondary education, cheap free healthcare, . Australia and the United States have many similarities, even though the U.S. is generally a more expensive place to visit. Both nations are large with a diverse set of landscapes and cultures, .